Politicization of Foreign Policy

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Politicization of Foreign Policy

Post by shermangeneral on Fri Aug 22, 2008 8:58 am


I post this not for its intrinsic value but to point out that politicians really do try to manipulate foreign policy to influence domestic politics.

I realize some will not accept this, but I do believe it is true.

(yes it is easier for me to see it when republicans do it. Just like for most of you it is easier for you to spot democrats' foibles).

But this Schuneman guy concerns me and I think his actions bear watching.

i.e. why would McCain's foreign policy advisor be making such blatant political statements about Obama?

See what I mean?


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Re: Politicization of Foreign Policy

Post by Aaron on Fri Aug 22, 2008 10:07 am

I agree and am sickened by the politicization of September 11, as are most of Americans. And I believe it showed this year in the Republican primary where Giuliani, a supposed front runner, never got of the ground in his bid for the nomination. Americans overwhelming rejected him then and I honestly believe if John McCain attempts to tout September 11th as a Republican victory then he too will be rejected by voters.

But there is a difference in pointing out Barrack Obama’s weakness on foreign policy and the softness of the democrats when it comes to terrorist and terrorism and hailing September 11th as a Republican victory.

Democrats have a history fighting terrorism that started with Jimmy Carter and the hostages and continued through Bill Clinton and the first WTC bombings, the way he cut and ran from warlords in Somalia, no response to the Cole bombing to his unwillingness to take out OBL in 1998 when he had the chance.

These are all facts and try as you might you can’t change them. And they are open for debate as a pattern of democratic leadership in the same manner as democratic attacks on John McCain as the attempt to classify him as "a third GWB term".

But just as I believe September 11th has been politicized, I also believe the media has become a liberal spring board for the left, especially during this election cycle. Your link is just one more straw on the camels back as far as I’m concerned.

While this is a blog, it is on a main stream magazine's web site, sponsored by a major news organization and they are posting what are essentially opinion pieces and dressing them up as blog entries. If it were only there, that might be one thing but it doesn't end there. It bleeds over into news articles as well.

I read an “article” yesterday on this very site about our energy problems that was nothing more the Barrack Obama's energy plan in a nutshell. That is but one example.

As with Giuliani, I believe Americans will reject those who attempt to politicize tragedies like September 11th. But how do we as Americans deal with the politicization of our media?

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