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Post by Aaron on Tue Oct 28, 2008 1:44 pm

I'm not sure if the 6 guys doing the series are qualified to do a good high school series, these guys are that bad. It's not only missed calls that Fox replays time after time, it's strike zones that move around to the point that I was wondering if the plate guy last night had it in for Kazmir and the Rays to just plain bad umping which includes strike zones that are different for each game and for each team. I know the umpires have to hate the K Zone Fox uses to show if a pitch was really a ball or strike because a good portion of the time, it says the opposite of what the umpire says.

To me, it has clearly altered the series and I don't see how either team can feel as good as they should on winning.

If you've seen any of the games, you know what I'm talking about.

Umpires acknowledge another missed call in Series
Oct 27, 9:05 pm EDT

PHILADELPHIA (AP)—For the second time in two days, umpires acknowledged they missed a key call in the World Series.

The Philadelphia Phillies scored in the first inning of Game 4 on Sunday night after Jimmy Rollins scampered safely back to third during a rundown. But television replays showed he was tagged on the backside by Tampa Bay’s Evan Longoria and should have been called out by third base ump Tim Welke.

“He’s seen the replay. He knows he missed it,” Mike Port, Major League Baseball’s vice president for umpiring, said Monday.

This is the first postseason in which baseball is using replay—though only to review home run calls.

Longoria swiped his arm in frustration after Rollins was called safe, and Rays manager Joe Maddon came out for a brief argument.

“I just saw him swing and miss. I never saw a tag,” Welke explained after Sunday night’s game. “That’s a swipe tag. A lot of times on a swipe tag, the glove will pause. I saw him try to make a swipe tag but I never saw the glove pause.”


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