Ten things we don't understand about humans

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Ten things we don't understand about humans

Post by SamCogar on Tue Aug 18, 2009 10:57 am

Ten things we don't understand about humans

We belong to a remarkably quirky species. Despite our best efforts, some of our strangest foibles still defy explanation

But as science probes deeper into these eccentricities, it is becoming clear that behaviours and attributes that seem frivolous at first glance often go to the heart of what it means to be human.


They still defy explanation simply because people refuse to accept the reality of how the human mind is programmed by nature and nurturing and thus functions accordingly.

Here are my thoughts on the “Ten things we don't understand about humans”.

Blushing – if embarrassed you blush, ….. if hot or sick you flush.

Laughter – a nurtured trait, everyone doesn’t laugh at the same things and there is not one thing that everyone laughs at.

Pubic hair – obviously a dry lubricant, the crotch and arm pits are the only two places on the body where two different areas of skin are constantly being rubbed together.

Teenagers – lack of pre-puberty nurturing, children are no longer prepped to act like an adult following their puberty transformation

Dreams – a natural function of part of the subconscious mind that occur during the conscious mind’s “sleep cycle” when said subconscious mind is doing its “housekeeping” chores of linking up newly sensed data, resolving queries, etc. Said dreams are created by the “visual processor” portion of the subconscious mind, the dream contents of which are based on a "stimuli" triggered by something another portion of the subconscious mind was reacting to/on.

Altruism – an inherited trait to protect one’s offspring and which is further nurtured to selectively protect other entities: humans, animals, plants, whatever.

Art – an inherited trait to communicate one’s thoughts and/or a nurtured trait of appreciation for visual communications by/from another entity.

Superstition – a nurtured fear or belief in/of something mystical or non-physical.

Kissing – a nurtured habit.

Nose-picking – a natural reaction to an obstruction in the nasal passage. The eating part is a natural action to cleanse one’s finger. Said process is no different that using one’s finger to dislodge a food particle stuck to one’s teeth, gums or roof of mouth and then cleansing it off their finger by re-eating it.


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