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A Perfect Storm Empty A Perfect Storm

Post by SamCogar on Sun Jun 13, 2010 5:34 am

It seems like now days everyone is primarily blaming the parents because their children that attend the Public Schools are not learning anything, don’t want to learn anything and/or are little more than disobedient, trouble making brats.

But in reality, it was 30+ years ago that the Public School System employees started “slacking off” on their education of the students by changing their methods of teaching and reducing the achievement requirements and discipline expected from all students in attendance. This “slacking off” of their duties by the Educators resulted in the Public Schools graduating students that were not only inadequately nurtured in their civil actions but also inadequately educated in their educational subject matter.

Then when these same inadequately educated/nurtured students took on their parenting job in the years following their graduation from school they were unprepared to nurture their young children with the traits and skills necessary for their enrollment in the Public Schools. And some of those very same inadequately educated/nurtured students earned their AB Degrees and became Teachers in the Public Schools and thus were charged with educating those inadequately nurtured children who were then being enrolled in the Public School System.

Now, 30+ years later, a majority of the current employees of the Public School System are the very same kids the Public School System started “slacking off” on and didn’t receive an adequate education. Thus, the Public Schools are “reaping what they have sown” and are refusing to recognize and/or accept the blame for their own inactions.

The Public Schools are now enjoying “a Perfect Storm”.

Inadequately educated parents are sending their inadequately nurtured children to the Public Schools to be inadequately educated by the inadequately educated Public School employees.

And I see no way to resolve and/or reverse that conundrum.


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