Harrison Cty schools nomo grades for science, social studies

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Harrison Cty schools nomo grades for science, social studies

Post by SamCogar on Wed Sep 08, 2010 8:35 am

System focusing on improving test scores in reading, math

CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- Increased pressure to improve student performance in reading and math - the subjects that get the most Westest reporting scrutiny - is causing at least one county to de-emphasize some other academic areas.

Starting this year, some Harrison County elementary students won't receive grades in social studies or science.

Instead, teachers will incorporate those subjects into their reading lesson and mark students as "satisfactory," "unsatisfactory" or "needs improvement."

Harrison education officials said the new grading policy will allow teachers to put more emphasis on reading and math - subjects the state education department uses to measure progress on the Westest - while still covering the required science and social studies curriculum.

Read more @ http://www.dailymail.com/News/statenews/201009071225


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