Route 35 Toll Road

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Route 35 Toll Road

Post by SamCogar on Thu Nov 11, 2010 8:55 am

Well now folks, it looks to me like the “Wheelers n’ Dealers” that didn’t get their own “privately operated toll road” to the previously proposed Regional Airport are now going to get what they wanted via an upgrade of U.S. 35.

There’s money in them thar hills iffen you just know how to use your Legislative "connections" to squeeze it out of the citizens and tourists.

A good "Cash Cow" that will provide ample "cream" to be skimmed for many, many years to come.


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Re: Route 35 Toll Road

Post by Aaron on Thu Nov 11, 2010 9:31 am

Not so fast my friend. The law requires before a toll road can be implemented in a county, the County Commission must approve of the tolls. Mason County did just that last month but yesterday, one commissioner changed his mind.

Cheers and applause echoed through the crowded halls of the Mason County Courthouse as Miles Epling dropped his gavel on the table in front of him, signaling that commissioners are against tolls on U.S. 35.

It took the commissioners less than five minutes to make Wednesday afternoon's decision. Commissioners Epling and Rick Handley voted against the tolls. Commissioner Bob Baird was the lone dissenter.

It was a reverse of a 2-1 decision made in September, in which Baird and Epling voted in support of tolling to pay for the unfinished 14.6 miles of road in Putnam and Mason counties.


Now the courts get involved.

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