W.Va. Democrats are spending, not cutting

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W.Va. Democrats are spending, not cutting

Post by SamCogar on Fri Mar 04, 2011 5:33 am

The Democratic Party has controlled both houses of the West Virginia Legislature since 1932. The current state of the state is Democrats' doing - no question about it.

So the workers' compensation program was billions of dollars short and required a public bailout. State pension funds are underfunded by $7 billion, and health care promises to state retirees by $8 billion.

And furthermore, decided on raises all around.

Senate President Earl Ray Tomblin, acting as governor and running for the job, proposed bonuses for state workers, a one-time expense of $47 million.

Under House Speaker Rick Thompson, who is also running for governor, Democrats sent the Senate a plan that would cost $83 million just in just two years.

In the Senate, under acting Senate President Jeff Kessler, who would also like to be governor, the finance committee approved a plan to provide raises that would cost $71.5 million.

Just as a clue to the thinking, Senate Democrats would give $1,488 raises to teachers, $500 raises to school service personnel, $15,000 raises to state Supreme Court justices, $10,000 raises to circuit court judges, $12,000 raises to family court judges, $7,500 raises to magistrates and a 34 percent raise, from $92,500 to $125,000, to the state's new adjutant general.

This is the same-old, same-old - another blatant attempt by Democrats to buy state workers' votes with other people's money - yours. Again.


And sorry bout that but it t'will absolutely not be ..... "another blatant attempt by Democrats".

It t'will surely be just ........ "another blatant success story about Democrats".

for all the troughfeeders.


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