Just what you wanted to know about you n' others

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Just what you wanted to know about you n' others

Post by SamCogar on Wed Apr 27, 2011 4:32 am

A billion Web searches reveal kinky is the new norm

A billion Web searches from all over the world reveal that what used to be considered perverse or kinky is really not so unusual after all, and that sexual deviance may be more about puritanical societal perceptions than reality.

From the authors' blog post about their experiment (Sai Gaddam, an expert in data mining who also earned a Ph.D., is the co-author):

We now know, for example, that men seek out penises almost as often as they seek out vaginas. We know that women virtually never pay for online porn. We know that men search for overweight women three times as often as they search for underweight women. We know that women around the world enjoy romantic and erotic stories about two men. We know that virtually all of clinical psychology's ideas about the prevalence of various fetishes (paraphilias in the literature) are completely and embarrassingly wrong.

According to the book, in 1991 — before the birth of the Internet as we know it — there were fewer than 90 porn magazines published in the US. Today, more than 2.5 million porn sites are blocked by CYBERsitter. In 2008, approximately 100 million men in North America logged on to porn. (Also: One-third of the subscribers to Today’s Christian Women seek out erotica online.)



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