The untold story of evolution

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The untold story of evolution

Post by SamCogar on Thu Apr 28, 2011 9:06 am

The untold story of evolution

Around six million years ago in Africa, human history began. But how exactly did hairy, tree-dwelling apes, become modern 21st-century people?

Human evolution must be the greatest story never told. It begins in an unknowable past and continues mysteriously for the next five or six million years. Is it a thriller, an epic or a comedy of errors? There is no dust jacket, no title page, no dedication, no acknowledgements. Almost all the text is missing, apart from the occasional phrase, sentence or paragraph, seemingly torn at random from the great six-million-year narrative. If the story of humanity is a single volume, then only the last page survives.

Every so often, scholars find yet another fossilised scrap of the missing narrative, a new character enters, and the plot takes a new twist. Some things are clear: the story began in Africa, between 5m and 7m years ago, with the last common ancestor of …………………
This is a great commentary which I am sure all of you will find “something of interest” in reading it. It makes no claims or assertions and contains no Science “mumbo jumbo” to confuse and bedazzle you, ….. but is just a narrative of “what we know or suspect”.


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