Egypt's Cave Underworld Under Investigation

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Egypt's Cave Underworld Under Investigation

Post by SamCogar on Sat Apr 30, 2011 9:36 am

As an "all Egyptian" archaeological team moves in to find answers we hope they will reveal what's really there.

Something extremely strange is happening in Giza, both under the pyramids and in the office of Dr. Hawass. Even skeptics of the "Hall of Records" from Atlantis are now forced to admit that something big is being hidden. It's the perfect set of circumstances for conspiracy theorists -- especially with the coming of 2012.

In December 2009, after denying that they existed, Egypt's leading Egyptologist, Dr Zahi Hawass, has had to admit that an excavation team under his charge is investigating an ancient tomb at the centre of claims regarding the alleged discovery of a cave underworld beneath the Pyramids of Giza.

The Hall of Records -- as prophesied by Edgar Cayce?

According to the legendary psychic, Edgar Cayce, the pyramids were constructed by an ancient civilization that had its origins in Atlantis. This great civilization existed somewhere around 10,000 to 11,000 BC and was responsible for building the Great Pyramid, and for burying the lost history of mankind in a chamber called "The Hall of Records."

"The records are one... [They contain] "...a record of Atlantis from the beginnings of those periods when the spirit took form or began the encasements in that land." – Cayce
The records extend through the first destructions of that ancient civilization, the exodus of Atlanteans to other lands, and the final destruction of Atlantis. They contain a description of the building of the Great Pyramid, as well as a prophecy of "who, what, where, would come [to make] the opening of the records."

The entrance to Egypt’s cave underworld has been sealed shut

April 9, 2010 – Cairo: The entrance to Egypt’s cave underworld has been sealed shut just two years after its modern day discovery. Access to the tomb leading to these natural caverns, located beneath the famous Pyramids of Giza, is now blocked by a metal gate set in concrete.

The move follows recent work to clear the interior of the tomb known as NC2 or the “Tomb of the Birds”, and located in the plateau’s north cliff.

This came in the wake of revelations in the press last summer that British explorer and writer Andrew Collins had in March 2008 located a previously unknown opening into a natural cave system long thought to exist at Giza, but never before explored in modern times.

The excavations inside the tomb – coordinated by Dr Zahi Hawass, Secretary General of Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities – uncovered a series of subterranean rooms and galleries thought to have been used in the past as a necropolis for the interment of bird mummies.

Despite these recent discoveries, Dr Hawass has publicly denied that any natural cave system extends from the tomb, stating that what exists beneath the ground are catacombs carved by human hands, something that Mr Collins disagrees with strongly.


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