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Jobs Galore

Post by SamCogar on Mon Nov 28, 2011 7:53 am

The local Troughfeeders, Listless, Dueless and Couch Potatoes need not apply ..... and surely won't.

But never fear, ..... out-of-staters will come running across the WV borders to get those jobs ....... which will literally please and over-joy the above non-applicants for providing them a CYA excuse for claiming .........

"I wanted one of those jobs but they hired those out-of-state transiants instead of us loyal, honest, hard-working hillbillies that have desperately been seeking a job ".

A Marcellus well is a $7 million proposition.

Gastar Exploration, one of many drillers in the region, has 79,700 acres in West Virginia. In Marshall County, it needed a better road to a site and offered to build it using a state right-of-way.

Chesapeake Energy Corp. is the biggest player in Marcellus drilling. It is the leaseholder of about 1.78 million acres - or an area larger than the size of Delaware. It expects to have 314 Marcellus wells in West Virginia and Pennsylvania this year and to add another 254 next year.

On U.S., 2, a sign offers truck drivers a $1,500 sign-on bonus. The Independent Oil and Gas Association said about 40 companies, each with 20 to 25 positions to fill, will participate Wednesday in a job fair in Moundsville.

HA, ..... only in West Virginia could you find 800 to 1,000+ unfilled-jobs in need of a working warm body to perform them.

What drilling means to us

CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- We are slowly learning the outline of what promises to be the largest single investment in the region that will occur in our lifetimes: the placement of an ethane cracker in the region.

What: A multibillion-dollar ethane cracker.

How: Just what West Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania are willing to give a company to get a cracker is unknown. Here's guessing it will make West Virginia's deal for the Cabela's store and distribution center near Wheeling look like pocket change.

Development of the Marcellus Shale natural gas field has jobs for roustabouts, engineers, geologists, truck drivers and many others.

And as stated above, ..... the local Troughfeeders, Listless, Dueless and Couch Potatoes need not apply. Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad


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