Why so many Learning Disabled in WV Public Schools?

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Why so many Learning Disabled in WV Public Schools?

Post by SamCogar on Sat Jul 07, 2012 6:58 am

I done told you long time ago but only expert conformation will make believers out of you.

The sheer volume of babies born addicted is putting a strain on the healthcare system. Healthy newborns typically stay in the hospital for a few days, but these babies stay weeks and sometimes months, at an average cost of more than $50,000 per child, according to the Journal of the American Medical Association. Doctors at the Cabell Huntington Hospital in Huntington, West Virginia told us that sometimes the neonatal unit is so full of babies going through withdrawal that newborns with other problems like prematurity have to be turned away due to lack of space.

Dr. David Chaffin, a maternal fetal medicine specialist at Marshall University Medical Center participated in a multi-hospital study that had a stunning result: at least 10 percent of all babies in West Virginia are born with prescription narcotics in their systems. He calls painkiller addiction among pregnant women a monstrous tidal wave with no end in sight.


The hidden costs of birthing/rearing children of drug using/addicted parents:

$50,000+- in birthing costs.

$1,000s/year more for pre-school rearing, nurturing and medical costs.

$60,000+- per year Public Schooling costs

$1,000s/year thereafter for medical, housing, nutrition, transportation and other living necessities.

$10s of $1,000s/year for Sp-Ed Teachers and other DHHS public employees

But never fear, minimal cost$ for working citizens, ObamaCare and cigarette taxes will pay for the majority of all the above.



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