Nature or nurture? – the root cause of Transgender children?

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Nature or nurture? – the root cause of Transgender children?

Post by SamCogar on Mon Jul 09, 2012 6:35 am

It's unclear how many children around the world have felt trapped in their own bodies the way 11-year-old Josie Romero has struggled with hers. Born a boy but living socially as a girl since age 6, Josie is just one of 10,000 children who have significant gender identity problems,

It's the internal conflicts raging in the heart, mind and body of transgender children and what their parents are willing to do medically to solve these problems that have become the more intriguing story of their already unique lives.

Puberty is a traumatic experience for children with more significant gender identity problems. For young boys living as girls, the turmoil is caused by such things as growth spurts, bodily and facial hair, the deepening of their voice; for girls living as boys, breast development and menstruation are the major factors. There are "fairly significant psychological ramifications," says Dr. Norman Spack

And even though gender identity and sexual orientation (which usually gets articulated around adolescence) are completely different, there's a possibility that one might have the keys to unlock the secrets of the other. Some research shows that many boys who express cross-gender behavior before adolescence grow out of it and go on to live as gay men.

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It appears that the body knows the gender ….. but the mind thinks otherwise.

And given the fact that the “cause(s)” of both gender identity and sexual orientation are unknown and/or unrecognized by the “experts”, why would any “expert” claim they are “completely different”?


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