What will $20 million a year buy you?

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What will $20 million a year buy you?

Post by SamCogar on Thu Dec 13, 2012 8:42 am

Or better yet, just what have you been getting for your $20 million per year spending?

The union said grants at risk in West Virginia include nearly $7.9 million for low-income public schools, $6 million for special education and $4.8 million for the Head Start program, which supports disadvantaged children from birth to age 5 and their families .....


Or maybe a better question to ask is, .... after 10 YEARS and $200 MILLION expended, ..... has anyone noticed any improvements in the educational ranking of the students in "low-income public schools", ........ students forced to attend "special education classes" ....... or the children that have been enrolled in the Head Start program?

According to West Virginia's Educational Ranking Statistics, apparently all you have gotten for that $200 million expenditure is nothing more than some highly paid school employees.

And don't be forgetting, that $200 million expenditure is only what the Federal government gives to the WV Department of Education and does not include any Real Property/School Taxes that are collected and expended by the Public Schools.



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