Ode to the Working Man

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Ode to the Working Man

Post by SamCogar on Thu Dec 27, 2012 8:38 am

Ode to the Working Man

(hummed to the tune of ‘Sixteen Tons’)

The lefties think a man is made out of money,
That they can rob from him like it’s a Bee’s honey.
But a working man has little to spare,
With a family to raise and a home to keep in repair.

They’ve wasted $16 trillion, and what did they get,
Just another billion dollars each day, more deeper in debt.
Democrats and Liberals want to tax you more,
But you have no money left because you’re now too poor.

Pay your taxes by April 15th, you will have to repent,
The IRS notice you will get, claims you have overspent.
Your deductions are disallowed, your penalty will be stiff,
And best you pay up quick, don’t be claiming any more gifts.

You are forced to pay Social Security,
Just in case you can ever retire.
But the return on your investment, is pitiful at best,
By the time you retire. there won’t be any money left.

The troughfeeders are really elated and happy,
Simply because you are so generous and kind.
But they still want more and more of your money,
So that they can continue on having a good time.

If you see the tax man coming, better not run n’ hide,
No mercy for the working man, it’s a matter of pride.
The tax man will haunt you, till the end of your days.
Your estate will be confiscated, he will get his way.


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