Breastfeeding linked to child’s intelligence later in life

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Breastfeeding linked to child’s intelligence later in life

Post by SamCogar on Wed Jul 31, 2013 5:32 am

Mothers faced with the decision of whether or not to breastfeed now have new evidence to consider: skipping formula in favor of breast milk could affect a child’s intelligence later in life.

In a new study published in JAMA Pediatrics, lead author Dr. Mandy Belfort, of the Boston Children’s Hospital, sought to examine the link between the breastfeeding and a child’s cognitive function as they develop.


“There are so many things people can do to optimize a baby’s development, this is but one,” Belfort said. “Turn off the TV, talk to your baby, read to your baby, play with your baby. Those are really important ways to stimulate baby’s development.”

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If the conclusions of the above study were accurately reported then I think Dr. Mandy Belfort and the other researchers were completely oblivious to what their study actually showed potential proof of.

And that is, it is not actually the breast milk that is the critical factor, but on the contrary, it is the fact that the mother has to be holding her child when it is being breastfed.

And of course, mothers talk to their babies, play with their babies, talks to other people, etc., whenever a child is feeding.

And thus the baby is subjected to “up-close-and-personal” nurturing for the first one (1) plus years of their life, ...... which is extremely important during their early mental development.

Most adolescents and adults don't like "eating alone" .... or .... "by themselves", ...... and it is not smart to be forcing babies to eat alone/by themselves.Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad


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