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The way thing work

Post by SamCogar on Mon May 19, 2014 7:31 am

... when all the pieces come together if hundreds of billions of dollars are at stake.

(unknown author) BLM goes into the solar energy business in Nevada with what are called SEZs (Solar Energy Zones) as part of the Western Project. Harry Reid is from Nevada. Harry Reid just had one of his closest advisers placed as head of BLM. Before he was head of BLM, the new director was head of the Western Project.

Warren Buffett buys the primary electric utility in Nevada. Warren Buffett is a huge megadonor to Harry Reidís political party. Harry Reidís son gets involved with solar energy projects being built in Nevada to feed power into Warren Buffettís electric company.

Now lets have a look at one of those projects: Dry Lake SEZ. That area has a lot of desert tortoises Before they can build that project, they need to do something with those tortoises (or at least they THINK they do). So a mitigation plan is drawn up (donít take my word for it, find the Dry Lake SEZ mitigation plan yourself, itís at the BLM website) which decides to move all of the tortoises to Gold Butte (an area that has been used for cattle grazing for about 150 years and is considered to be the very best tortoise habitat in the state of Nevada).

They plan to move the tortoises to Gold Butte (but they will miss some and the tortoise population is likely to rebound anyway at Dry Lake). But thereís a problem. Thereís a guy named Cliven Bundy who grazes several hundred head of cattle at Gold Butte and he is a stubborn bird who has refused to stop grazing there. His insistence on continued grazing at Gold Butte is holding up the Dry Lake project and is delaying millions in revenue to political cronies of Harry Reid. The very day Harry Reidís protege takes office as head of BLM, Mr. Bundyís cattle are rounded up by BLM.


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