How not to ride a climate camel

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How not to ride a climate camel

Post by SamCogar on Sun Jun 01, 2014 9:45 am

How not to ride a climate camel

The following was excerpted from the above commentary:

Meanwhile, back at the Doha conference center, the climate camels were lumbering uncomfortably in all directions and getting nowhere.

The usual factions were maneuvering:

Ψ The European tyranny-by-clerk, which needs global warming to be a problem because ……

Ψ The BRICS bloc – Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa – which is not really a bloc at all. All of these emerging nations cannot afford to …………….

Ψ The fly-specks: The small island states and other economically tiny nations in the undeveloped world. Their ambition is to …………..

Ψ The unfooled: Canada, Japan, and New Zealand, who have stayed clear of the ………….

Ψ The fools: In this category, Australia stands alone. Its absurd carbon dioxide tax is ……….

Ψ The United States: Also in a category of its own, Obama’s U.S. is a house deeply divided. The “Democrats” – more like Communists these days – will do whatever it takes to destroy all (such as fossil-fuel corporations) who fund their Republican opponents. Also, they will sign any treaty calculated to wreck the economy of the West. The Republicans, however, will not. No climate treaty will be agreed to by the U.S. Senate, where Senators Inhofe, Hatch, Vitter, and others have spoken out clearly and consistently against climate-extremism.


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