The “missing heat” found in ocean around Antarctica.

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The “missing heat” found in ocean around Antarctica.

Post by SamCogar on Tue Jul 01, 2014 4:11 pm

And boy O’ boy is it missing.

The freezing of the sea ice is two (2) months ahead of schedule and there is now more there than there has been in the past 30+ years.

Imagine That: 45 Days After Predicted 'Irreversible Collapse,' Antarctic Sea Ice Sets New Record

June 30, 2014 | 11:12:  The new record anomaly for Southern Hemisphere sea ice, the ice encircling the southernmost continent, is 2.074 million square kilometers and was posted for the first time by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign’s The Cryosphere Today early Sunday morning.

It was not immediately apparent whether the record had occurred on Friday or Saturday. Requests for comment to Bill Chapman, who runs The Cryosphere Today, were not immediately returned.

The previous record anomaly for Southern Hemisphere sea ice area was 1.840 million square kilometers and occurred on December 20, 2007.


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