Mr. President, do you know the definition of

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Mr. President, do you know the definition of

Post by SamCogar on Wed Jul 02, 2014 5:16 am

By Cal Thomas

President Obama acts as if elections other than his own dont matter. His attitude seems to be, I have the power and the rest of government be damned.

In another speech (does he talk in his sleep?) last week in Minneapolis, the president said of House Republicans, They dont do anything except block me and call me names.

Actually, Republicans have passed scores of bills, virtually all of which have died in the Senate, because Majority Leader Harry Reid refuses to bring them up for a vote, much less debate. It is Reid who is the real obstructionist.

The list of policy failures, corruption and probable misdeeds is long and growing longer.

The website White House Dossier lists two dozen scandals linked to the Obama administration and while all might not rise to the level we have come to associate with legitimate political malfeasance, the list is an indictment of a president who sold himself as being nobler than ordinary politicians, not to mention most Americans.

He was seen, and sees himself, as the great deliverer, perched far above the rest of us. Instead, his incompetence has been exposed, leading to the conclusion among growing numbers of us that he is in over his head and harming the country in ways that could last for generations.

The list of Obamas broken promises is longer than his failures. Some have been compiled on

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