POTUS candidates and 'closet' liberals

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POTUS candidates and 'closet' liberals Empty POTUS candidates and 'closet' liberals

Post by SamCogar on Mon Jul 06, 2015 8:39 am

Most every “closet liberal” POTUS candidate has claimed that Donald Trump’s remarks were highly offensive and that he should be held accountable by both Political Parties.

Shur nuff, Trump’s remarks were highly offensive to all the robbing, killing, raping, dope smuggling illegal immigrants … and to their highly partisan supporters, protectors and defenders, …… that the US Justice System and other Law Enforcement personnel lets run “free & loose” on the streets of America.  

Just remember one (1) thing, …. any POTUS Candidate that is now “badmouthing” Trump for his remarks, …. will never do anything about any of the “illegal immigrant problems” that American citizens are forced to suffer with …… if said Candidate is elected President of the US in 2016.


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