The insanity of CO2 pollution

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The insanity of CO2 pollution Empty The insanity of CO2 pollution

Post by SamCogar on Tue Oct 13, 2015 8:56 am

The value of CO2 is beyond mere fertilizer.

CO2 is the basic chemical substrate of all life on Earth via photosynthesis.

All organic material derives by bonding CO2 with water in the presence of solar energy.

Trees are mostly cellulose, which is over 70 percent CO2 by weight. Starch grains make up rice, wheat, corn, potato, etc and the plants eaten by herbivores.

Providing meat for carnivores. All organic fat is created from carbon dioxide (CO2) molecules.

For millions of years, plants have been struggling against lowering atmospheric CO2 levels.

Entirely new plant structures have evolved to overcome CO2 starvation.

Any botanist will tell you that putting 1000 ppm CO2 into the air will only help plant life.

Calling CO2 “pollution” is insane.


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