NASA/NOAA claims: Hottest month evah! Hottest year evah!

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NASA/NOAA claims: Hottest month evah! Hottest year evah! Empty NASA/NOAA claims: Hottest month evah! Hottest year evah!

Post by SamCogar on Fri Nov 13, 2015 7:45 am

You are being “hoodwinked” and lied to iffen you believe the above "hottest evah" claims.

Not only have they been modifying and/or re-adjusting the Historical Surface Temperature Record to insure that their present day Average Temperatures and Average Increases are always greater than yesteryears ….. but they are not telling you the factual science that plays a major role in the measurements of surface temperatures, to wit:

Temperature is strongly related to local rainfall

Hot years are dry years, and wet years are not hot. It’s tritely obvious, yet kinda profound.  Johnston finds that from half to three quarters of the temperature variation is caused by changes in rainfall.

When the land is bone dry, it heats up fast. But when soil moisture is high, the Sun has to evaporate the water first in order to heat the soil.

The atmosphere above dry land has lower humidity and will rise and fall in temperature swings that are far larger than the atmosphere above moist landscapes. It varies somewhat with every town, but the relationship is consistent across the continent.

New electronic sensors cause an artificial jump

Not only do electronic sensors pick up shorter spikes in temperature, they are also not linear instruments like mercury thermometers are. “AWS don’t measure temperature linearly like thermometers do; which causes them to spike on warms days. This biases the record.

Read more @
Article title: Blockbuster: Are hot days in Australia mostly due to low rainfall, and electronic thermometers — not CO2?

Consider the fact that ....... if Death Valley had a higher monthly/yearly "rainfall" totals .... it would not be one of the "hottest" places on planet earth.


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