Schoolgirl Sells Granny on Ebay for $3,500

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Schoolgirl Sells Granny on Ebay for $3,500

Post by SamCogar on Fri Oct 02, 2009 8:23 am

A schoolgirl tired of her grandmother's "moaning" decided to sell the pensioner on eBay.

Zoe Pemberton, 10, from Clacton in Essex, put her 61-year-old grandmother up for sale on the auction website with no reserve price, describing her as "rare and annoying and moaning a lot." She also said pensioner Marion Goodall was "very cuddly," loved word searches and enjoyed drinking tea.

Zoe's granny attracted bids of more than $3500.

Explaining her drastic actions, Zoe said: "Well, she was annoying me.",2933,558481,00.html


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