10 Mores Reasons You Might Be an Athesit

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10 Mores Reasons You Might Be an Athesit

Post by Keli on Thu May 12, 2011 9:45 am

1 You think the statement “My linage derives from evolved lizards” is more logical then “A higher intelligence created intelligent life on earth, according to their kind.”

2 You don’t accept the idea of God, but you talk about him more then most religious zealots

3 You despise the idea of faith, but you have a hyper-abundant amount of trust in “time and chance”

4 You despise organized religion by being a part of an organized religion against organized religion.

5 You claim that religious people are brainwashed, but you spout off quotes from renowned atheists to defend your beliefs.

6 Your best defense to the idea that religious people cram their beliefs down people’s throats is to cram your beliefs down people’s throats (Richard Dawkins)

7 You say the Bible is utterly made up non-sense, then use stories from it to condemn God…who you claim doesn’t exist.

8 One of your favorite arguments against believing the Bible is that it was written by men, but you unquestioningly believe science text books…written by men

9 You get stark raving mad when someone says God (who doesn’t exist) will send you to Hell (a place that doesn’t exist), and use that as “evidence” that God doesn’t exist.

10 You deny the testimony of countless millions of believers (many of whom are believers in God), but trust the research of a few hundred atheists...and call that being "open-minded"

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