Tuscaloosa Tornado

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Tuscaloosa Tornado

Post by Keli on Sun May 29, 2011 5:45 pm

........Connie is a spiritual person and put the Bible verse from Psalms 121 on the bathroom mirror when Kent first moved into the house. She wanted to remind her son while he was off at college to stay close to God and to remember that God would always be there for him.

"The Lord will protect you from all harm. He will protect your life. The Lord will protect your coming and going both now and forever more."

"I believe those words with all my heart," Connie says.

Now more than ever.

......They turned on the TV, saw the storm warnings and learned that an enormous funnel cloud was headed right for them. They heard a massive rumbling outside, ran to the door and saw transformers blowing up in the distance.

Rosecrans called his father who instructed them to get into a bathtub and cover themselves with a mattress. And, so, that's what they did. For some reason, they couldn't get the mattress into the bigger bathroom so they crawled into the tub of the smaller bathroom and pulled the mattress on top of themselves..

....The two baseball players could feel their ears popping and hear the walls being ripped away and sucked up around them. The adrenalin kicked in and they held onto that mattress with every morsel of muscle they could muster.

The storm lasted only 20 seconds and it was gone.....

Rosecrans and Kennedy lifted the mattress and were flabbergasted by what they saw.

The house was totally destroyed. The other bathroom and the other tub were nowhere to be found. All that was left was the concrete slab of the house, parts of two walls and their little tub

And the Bible verse. It was still there on the battered mirror.....

(Excerpt) Read more at orlandosentinel.com ...

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Re: Tuscaloosa Tornado

Post by SamCogar on Mon May 30, 2011 3:32 am



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