Pooper Scoopers in Heaven?

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Pooper Scoopers in Heaven? Empty Pooper Scoopers in Heaven?

Post by Keli on Sat Dec 13, 2014 10:56 am

To the Editor:

First it was that all atheists can go to Heaven. Then it was that
communist economics is Biblical. Furthermore, he and the church believes
theistic evolution--"God is not a magician." (God made everything, then
everything made everything.) The church needs to dialogue about the
Sacrament of Marriage concerning divorce and unnatural marriage. Basically,
the church has become RC-Lite and "all things to all sheeple."

Now, he says that all dogs go to Heaven! What about other pets? Cat
fanciers are being rubbed the wrong way! Rumors are that the Rev. "Meow"
Sharpton plans to protest that "Roamin' Cat'lics are pets too" and should not
be barred from Heaven!"

Pooper Scoopers in Heaven?
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