North Pole melting and Ice Ages - the Milankovitch Cycles

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North Pole melting and Ice Ages - the Milankovitch Cycles Empty North Pole melting and Ice Ages - the Milankovitch Cycles

Post by SamCogar on Sun Mar 22, 2015 6:47 am

North Pole melting and Ice Ages - the Milankovitch Cycles Milankovitch-cycles

Milankovitch Cycles
1) the 100,000-year cycles of changing eccentricity of the Earth's orbit around the Sun
2)the 41,000-year cycles of the changing obliquity tilt of the spin axis.
3)the 26,000-year cycles of the precession of the Earth's spin axis,

The basic cause of the asymmetry is the land. The South Pole is all land all the time surrounded by water. The North Pole is all water all the time surrounded by land. Due to this, the South Pole is ALWAYS frozen. Always. Full stop. No melting. Done deal. (Anyone talking about the South Pole “melting” is full of it. No other option applies.) Only the North Pole can melt.

And melt it does, but ONLY when things are just EXACTLY right. We are, fundamentally, an Ice Age Planet that pops out of it just for a tiny little while and only when things are just right to melt the north pole ice. Anyone who is all worked up that the North Pole is melting is like the dog trying to sink his teeth into a car tire doing 30 MPH. If he gets what he wants he will be seriously injured and absolutely mortified. WHEN the North Pole freezes over next and stays frozen we are headed head first into that long night of deep freeze frozen ice age “pronto” with no recourse. Again: Period, full stop.

What Milankovitch figured out was that when ALL the parameters of the Earth Orbit line up just so, we barely cross the threshold for North Pole melting and poke our little frozen noses out for just a little while. Then when any of them gets far enough away from that magic alignment, it’s all ice ice baby all the time again. We are presently on the cusp of that W/m^2 rate and can be stable in either frozen or melted states depending on albedo of snow on the ground…

So, when summer in the Northern Hemisphere happens with the Earth furthest from the sun, and the tilt is maximized so polar heat is maximized, and the orbital eccentricity is maximum so we get the most added days of N.H. summer, then, and only then, can ONE pole melt, that being the N.H. pole, and allow an interglacial. At all other configurations we freeze.

If the warmistas had a clue about this (Milankovitch Cycles) they would be actively praying for “global warming”. In no more than 2000 years and potentially as short as 300 years you can kiss Canada good-by as the ice returns. New York City goes too, but a bit later as the ice takes a while to build up… And there is absolutely nothing we can do to stop it.

The above commentary was excerpted from a posting by E.M.Smith, on March 20, 2015, on the WUWT web site. Read complete commentary @ ....


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