Greyhound training tracks and state funds

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Greyhound training tracks and state funds

Post by SamCogar on Mon Sep 28, 2009 10:45 am

The funds, which are calculated using a formula based on each dog's track winnings, were paid out to 61 breeders, in amounts as small as payments to at least eight breeders of less than $2,000 for the year.

The top ten payouts were to: Dean R. Miner, $513,631; Diana C. Douglas, $441,597; Greg Strong, $397,704; William S. Gibson, $362,768; Ronis Cavender, $330,197; Riggins Racing Inc., $292,276; Greg Geter, $277,279; James B. Jackson, $257,270; Tomblin Kennels Inc., $248,567; and Fynmore Kennel, $203,116.


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